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We live in an era where everything is super fast. Today, Internet is able to provide us a lot of things on the go, many of which would take a great deal of time and energy in the past. Today, because of the Internet, we have online shopping, online libraries of information, and well- TV! […]




ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATIONS METHODS  Get your communications going for free using a chatroom software. Just launch the connection and let the conversation start. Create a private chat room, it’s easy and free! We’ve made it super easy for you to add Paltalk’s live video and audio to your site. Engage your audience at no cost! With Paltalk Express, […]

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Amazon dominates the retail market with latest move BYNICK WEBSTER 10:51, 20 JUN 2017 As Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for £11billion and looks set to set its sights on the grocery market there are worries it could become too powerful. Amazon triggered shockwaves last week when it announced a near £11billion deal to buy upmarket grocery chain Whole Foods. […]

Fitness apps for 2017 that will help you track your progress

Article written by BY JILL DUFFY for PC Magazine. Maintaining fitness requires daily habits and lifestyle changes, and a few little nudges in the right direction from your mobile phone might make all the difference. One of the most fun and challenging workout apps I’ve tested is Touchfit: GSP. The GSP stands for Georges St-Pierre, your workout […]

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Watch Entrepreneur TV and try to see the best information for the serious entrepreneur. Try to visit the site daily to see the latest business information.

5 things you need to start investing today.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Nicole Lapin explains why you might not be ready to invest just yet, even if you already know how to read market trends and can pick a winning company. After all, do you even know the process of how stock shares are bought and sold? The basics are simple and […]

Getting Your Pitch on the Right Page

Getting Your Pitch on the Right Page Written by WITHUMSMITH+BROWN, PC Don’t be too esoteric. Much like the Mel Brooks character above, don’t hide your vision by burying it in language which makes the reader feel like they have to interpret Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in order to get your point. Instead, state clearly the nature […]

Startups Seeking Funding Should Consider Corporate Venture Capital Arms

Companies in many industries, from technology, software, and consumer retail to aviation, media, and mobile telecommunications, have corporate venture arms that make strategic investments. An excellent report by CB Insights shows the breadth and scale of this activity. Companies such as Google, Qualcomm, Comcast, Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, and Intel all have professional active venture arms. This […]

Online Storage

Find the best resources to compare the best storage options at Cloudwards The best resources we can gain access to is the one that has been unavailable before. The power of data is inherent over time. When you have no data to analyze the outcome is bleak. The power of harnessing the past is […]

Business Operating Agreement

If You Are In Business with Others, You Should Have A Good ‘Prenup’ In Place AUTHOR ANTHONY J. ZEOLI The operating agreement is intended to be the basis for governing the relationship between the company and its owners, and between the owners themselves. If properly drafted, it should cover, in some respect, all of the […]