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Numbers Show Millennials Abandoning Broadcast Networks


By John Consoli
Upfronts 2016: Numbers Show Millennials Abandoning Broadcast Networks

With more claims and counter-claims likely during next week’s broadcast/cable upfront extravaganza, B&C wanted to do some fact-checking by examining season-to-date Nielsen data. It shows an unmistakable trend: Millennial viewers have continued abandoning broadcast network primetime programming in droves this season in both live and delayed viewing modes. Some shows have lost as much as 30-40% of their 18-34-year-old audience, according to the ratings figures.
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While marketers and their media agencies negotiate ad deals with the broadcasters based on 18-49 and 25-54 viewer demographics, advertisers have traditionally gotten 18-34-year-old viewers basically as value added or for free. No advertiser buys a broadcast network primetime show specifically to reach millennials, but it has been a nice perk when making a mass network TV buy.
That perk has all but disappeared this season and on many of the most-watched overall shows on broadcast television. Last season, there were 19 shows in broadcast primetime that drew 1 million or more 18-34 demo viewers. This season that number has dwindled to 12.

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