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Multipurpose Resources

We acquire resources for our members, then those resources become the legal resources for our users when they need them. Our developers offer an on demand solution.

Proven Track Record

Grow with us as we expand, lets all develop a major network that works. Set up is easy due to our consortium of talented development.

Responsive Design

Service is our key to success, no matter the challenge we can deliver results with precision. Our specialty is growing with the user as they grow.

MyOffices - The Most Complete & Popular Real Time Reporting system

Sparkling Nuvo is the brand that offered a hope for a new generation of vodka drinkers. With over 25 million in sales in 2012 as the third highest imported beverage, the success has become legendary. Combining tech with cultural innovation drove success, with a team of stellar marketers the brand achieved excellence once provided with the right tool.

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Serchlite MultiMedia, a brand marketer who was instrumental with organizing one of the largest street teams in the country, saw the importance of delivering the real time metrics needed to create a premium brand. Outstanding results are the expectations of winners, therefore we could only deliver a cutting edge product with the guidance of the team we worked for. Success is earned, every day and every minute through proper planning & implementation..

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Tv On the Go, the next generation of television is here to stay. Once the box in the living room kept us as captives now we are free to roam, iphones & androids are now the transport devices for the average user of mobile television. Tv On the Go is the next generation Mobile Tv platform. We deliver a compelling real time product that creates the best experience for our clients. In the end just judge us by the longevity of the brands we create. We offer a solution for the ages, through legacy strategies we achieve a higher ROI.

Benjamin Capital Management Group, an investment adviser serving the industry since 1998 offers real world consulting to its clients. Any client looking for strong management will appreciate building a solid base. The resources a company develops is key to its success, in its short term goals as well as its long term goals. We build legacy companies, we deliver results and we are a no nonsense agency who work for success. We deliver , on our vision every time.

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Goal definition

We offer a comprehensive approach catered to each client.


Data is only as good as the users analysis. We offer the right tools.


Once we see the results we know we've arrived at our destination. Mission accomplished.

Our Clients

If you expect success then you are in the right place.

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