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MyOffices Inspires

Strategic consulting, with a technology focus

Mobile Apps

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We offer quality resources, extraordinary talent

Our Resources become yours Quality plus accessibility


Meet the team

Experienced Management, combined with creative expertise

Elena Taylor

Field Tested


Experienced Consultants, project specialists


Outsourced Professionals


Creative Consultants, resource managers with experience

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Why wait choose us

Our Success, is your Success, Your success is our success
you only get one chance at making a first impression.

Why choose us

Experience is priceless, we deliver results, offer expertise in many areas. Unexpected outcomes rarely mean success.

Success must be planned, directed and nurtured through innovation.

Resources make the difference, resources offer an edge, in the heat of the battle the most prepared client wins.

Luck is preparation, opportunity is an invitation for success.

We build platforms, we develop ecosystems, our strategic approach to data delivers success. Our management team delivers compelling results year after year .

The outcome is inevitable, success is near if you set the stage.

Knowing your marketplace is key, strategic planning is essential, our clients experience it first hand. We offer the best solutions in the marketplace.

We rise to the challenge, our preparations make the difference in the journey.

We create the platform, we deliver the services, we cater the journey based on the environment. There is no specific formula for success but there are common ingredients.

Innovate your way, deliver the product your clients want to get the best brand loyalty.

Building your platform to scale is key, organizing your mission is critical, delivering the expectation is part of our dna. Managing crisis is our focus.

When things go wrong what is the plan, everyone looks like a star when things are going right.

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Some facts about us

80 Projects Completed
24 Team Members
200k+ Products Sold
1000 Weekly Sales

Pricing Tables


Starter Package


Per Month*

Each * = 10 Hours of service included


Premium Plans


Per Month**

Each * = 12 Hours of service included


Project Manager


Per Month***

Each * = 15 Hours of service included


Outsourced Talent


Per Month*****

Each * = 20 Hours of service included

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Our clients are successful, we have been fortunate along the way


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